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General Expert Moving Service is a family-owned and operated company based in Minnesota. The company was started in 2006 by two brothers and the red pick-up truck their grandpa gifted them. Little did they know what their company would become and how the legacy of their grandpa would live on through their efforts and hard-working, business-like mentality. Growing up in a family of entrepreneurs and hard workers, it was only fitting that the brothers would take a single pick-up truck venture and transform it into a whole fleet of moving trucks, earning themselves a 5-star rating on Google. Along with many other positive reviews, the team delivers a strong work ethic and positive attitude that is applied to each job, every time.

With the most updated moving equipment and techniques, we strive to make every job a priority by using a skilled and efficient team. We pay attention to the little details and take the proper precautions to make sure your move is done in a safe and timely manner.

We look forward to meeting your needs and exceeding your expectations with our exceptional services!

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